Quality Assurance (QA) to achieve high standards

Our highly experienced quality assurance team supports biotech and medtech startups to achieve high quality standards.

The protection and the safety of subjects as well as the integrity of data collected are essential in clinical trials.

Clinical trials have to follow the ethical standards without compromising the quality of the trial results. The quality assurance teams take care of this critical area in clinical research.   

Quality is a continuous improvement process. Every effort should be made to ensure the highest quality for the study, regardless of the countries where the study is conducted.

ExperTrials will provide an experienced Quality Assurance team who will monitor every steps of your clinical trials to ensure that the whole study is conducted in compliance with ICH GCP guidelines and local/ international regulations.

ExperTrials’s experts will perform internal audits, monitoring CAPA activities, verify CAPA effectiveness in compliance with the established schedule and thanks to the ExperTrials’ Quality Management System (QMS) in order to evaluate and correct any problems /issues that may occur during your projects.

This is the reason why ExperTrials encourages its team, our partners and clients to continually improve processes with a constant concern for quality.

ExperTrials is constantly evolving and improving, always under the guidance of quality first. 

Our quality teams are rigorously trained and meticulously detail-oriented, giving ExperTrials the edge in quality assurance and regulatory compliance.

ExperTrials offers audits by independent quality assurance managers for assuring the quality of all stages of a clinical trial including checking compliance with the protocol and the operating procedures used by the study participants.

These audits help the project team members to review the entire clinical trial process; rectify issues on time; and improvise the processes for future trials.

Our Quality Assurance services include:

  • Documented procedures
  • Regularly updated SOPs
  • Quality Assurance training (e.g., vendors, sites, sponsor)
  • Quality Assurance Specialist CAPA Management
  • Internal / external audits
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