Market Access & HEOR

The Market Access function is present throughout the life cycle of the product even if the core of its activities will be in Phase IIb and Phase III. The aim of the function is to successfully launch a product ensuring optimal price and reimbursement from the payer

  1. In Pre-clinical/Phase I there will be some early pricing assessment, landscaping of the disease that is being studied and payer environment, etc. The role will be to establish if the molecule is commercially worth investing in.
  2. Phase II/III is mainly focused on evidence generation, payer early engagement, early pricing strategy, value messages testing and development of value propositions/dossiers and economic models.
  3. The end of Phase III and launch is focused on the finalizing of pricing and access strategy, launch sequencing strategy, development of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) dossiers at county level, etc.
  4. After the launch the different HTA and reimbursement dossiers will need to be justified to those that pay for the product and there will typically be some commercial optimisation and uptake activities (value differentiation studies).

ExperTrials services

  • Clinical Trial Design
    • advise on HEOR inputs for phase II/III
    • benchmark/landscape analysis from Health Economics (HE) perspective
    • early HE modeling
    • ensure your clinical trial has relevant endpoints from HTA/Payers perspective = secure your commercial launch
  • Market Access Dossier & Strategy
    • Advise & provide recommendations on the best access strategy to adopt
    • Writing the dossier with relevant information & clear value proposal
    • get expected level of reimbursement & price
  • Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) data Generation
    • HE modeling (Cost-Effectiveness model, Budget Impact model)   economic data to show cost-effectiveness
    • Patient-Based Evidence (PRO, Quality of Life, Satisfaction data)   patient data to show patient impact
    • Clinical Data   clinical data to show clinical impact
    • to populate the Market Access dossier with strong evidence as requested by Health Technology Assessment (HTA) bodies & Payers.
  • Real-Word Evidence Generation
    • continuing the generation of clinical, economic & patient data
    • maintain market access post-launch
  • Epidemiology
    • Target population sizing
    • Prevalence/incidence assessment
    •  to populate regulatory (e.g. ODD) & market access dossiers
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