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Do you require a customized solution that will adapt to your specific needs ?

Sometimes you simply need assistance in a particular functional area.

There are some operations a life sciences company can not succeed without, such as a well thought through clinical trials approach supported by flawless data collection and analysis.

Functional service provider (FSP) partnerships have been gaining traction in recent years because of their potential to increase efficiency and flexibility in outsourcing without compromising quality. It’s the best way to reduce time and costs without compromising scientific integrity or quality.

What is a Functional Service Provider?

In an industry where the goal is to get approvable drugs to market as quickly as possible, consistency in all of these areas is a winning formula for identifying an FSP partner that sponsors can trust.

A company must be able to complete thorough clinical trials while still moving forward with other business operations and projects. They should not be staffed with full time employees at maximum workload but rather at base workload level and address the peaks with expert resources through an FSP.

Indeed, the functional service provider allows the organization to outsource the functional aspects of the job while retaining control of the job and data.

The Functional Service Model (FSP) provides a scalable team of resources to meet immediate or longer-term resourcing needs through on-site or remote full time employees.

FSP relationships can maximize efficiencies and value for the customer while offering flexibility in service provision to support development of your business.

As a result, the FSP resource strategy provides flexibility normally only feasible with substantial internal resource availability, without the customer needing to bear the structural costs of staff recruitment and training.

With the Functional Service Provider (FSP) model, you can pick and choose which services to outsource in order to benefit from our expertise.

Contract Research Organizations (CROs) have long been used by trial sponsors to achieve completion and compliance in clinical trials.

At ExperTrials, our program will benefit from our analytical and integrated approach to data collection, management, and analysis, which provides data-driven, real-time insights essential in guiding both clinical trial execution and marketing application development.

In details, we can provide

  • Clinical Oversight Manager to assess your chosen CRO (sponsor’s responsibility as per ICH-GCP E6 (rev2))

  • Study Start-up Team for regulatory submissions and contract negotiations with Investigational Sites

  • Experienced team of CRAs to monitor your trial

  • Project Manager to manage your CRO or the vendors of your clinical study

  • Someone to manage your eTMF system

  • Partner for patients’ expenses reimbursement

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